Parry Sound Itosu-Kai Karate and Kobudo Club

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Code of Conduct

* Bow when entering and leaving the Dojo

* After entering the Dojo students are expected to practice something they have learned.

* Talking with friends and other students before class should take place at the sides of the Dojo.

* We do not criticize others.

.* Higher- ranking students are to respectfully assist all lower ranking students in their training.

* Lower ranking students will follow the instructions of higher-ranking students in the Dojo.

* All students will address any black belt as Sensei and any senior student as Sempai.

* The use of alcohol or other substances before training is forbidden.

* Eating food or chewing gum during training is not allowed.

* There will be no sparring without permission and the supervision of a "Sensei".

* Students will demonstrate a serious attitude in the dojo.

* Students will ensure that their Keoigi is clean and that finger and toe -nails are clipped to prevent


* For the safety of all, rings, watches or other jewellery must be taken off before training.

* Members are not allowed to teach any non-member skills they have learned.

* Students will make every effort to avoid and move away from any situation that might end up in

a violent act.

* Students will not behave in a way that could start physical violence. Engaging in physical

violence is a serious matter that could result in a student being asked to leave the Club


Dojo Kun

Be moderate and courteous.

Be righteous and have a strong sense of justice.

Be modest in your words and actions.

Respect others.

Karatedo is a lifetime study.