Parry Sound Itosu-Kai Karate and Kobudo Club

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FAQ & General Information

Class Cancellations:

If school buses are not running on the day of a scheduled class the class for that evening is cancelled. We will make every effort to notify everyone by email, on our website and or the local Radio Station.


What is a class like?

Classes run 90 to 120 minutes. Breaks are provided. The first part of any class is a warm -up, flexibility, balance, basics skills and cardio vascular endurance. Students are encouraged to complete as many of the exercises as possible. Conditioning takes time and everyone should make sure they do not push themselves to the point where they hurt themselves. This part of the class is followed by the practice of skills at different levels. Skill practice could include the learning and practice of Kata (forms), self- defense skills, and Kumite (sparring)


Training Clothing

A training Gi (Keogi) is not necessary when starting out. Loose clothing is fine. A Gi can be purchased through the Club at significant savings as compared to retail prices. Costs are about ($25-$35) for youth sizes and ($60-$220) for adult sizes. All students need to have an Itsou Kai Crest on their Gi. ($20) The cost of the crest is covered as part of monthly fees.


What are Katas?

Katas are forms made up of movements that must be completed in a certain pattern. Students are required to learn Katas specific to each level as they move up in rank.

What is Kumite?

Kumite or sparring is where two people strike one another in a controlled way. This activity is closely supervised. Lower ranking students are not allowed to strike at the head or face. Safety equipment must be worn.


Safety Equipment

All Kumite (Sparring) is carefully supervised. Students should have a mouth guard.

The Club has gloves that can be borrowed by students for in class sparring.

Males should consider wearing a cup to protect their groin when sparring.

Students are encouraged to buy their own gloves (approx.$15.00). Gloves can be bought through the Club at wholesale prices.


What is a ranking?

As students become more skilled there are tests or rankings that must be passed to move through all the belt levels from White through Black Belt Dan levels. Rankings include all basic skills, katas for each level and kumite (sparring). Black Belt Instructors from Toronto and other Clubs are present for all rankings.


How much does it cost to rank for a colored (Kyu) belt?

The cost for ranking is ($80) per grading. There can be up to two rankings a year.

Rankings can occur here in Parry Sound or may be combined with rankings hosted by other Clubs. The monthly fee paid by individuals will be used to pay for some of the costs of rankings. Ranking costs for students under the age of 18 will be reduced up to %50 of the actual cost. Under most circumstances students 18 and under will pay ($40) for ranking.


Tournament Participation

Students are encouraged to go to at least one of the yearly tournaments (Fall/Spring). Cost for individual range from ($40-$50) for each competition. Students participate in both Kata (Forms) and Kumite (Sparring). These are great opportunities to make new friends and practice Kata and Kumite skills.



Instructors are not paid for their work with students. All Black Belt Instructors are certified by the National Shito- Ryu Itsou- Kai Association and are registered with the Shito- Ryu Itsou- Kai International Association based in Japan. Senior colored belts as part of their training are expected to help. A Black Belt instructor supervises all teaching. Instructors working with children all have Police Vulnerability Checks. Black Belts are called as Sensei and other instructors with colored belts are called Sempai.



Provincial, National and International Shito- Ryu Itsou- Kai Association

Our Club is part of governing bodies at the provincial, national and international level. What is taught is recognized and approved in Japan, Okinawa, Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and several countries in South America. All Black Belts are registered in Canada and with the main Itsou-Kai organization based in Japan. An important part of Shito -Ryu Itsou- kai Karate is the teaching and learning about the origins and use of ancient weapons. This practice is called Kubudo. This is usually only taught to Senior Belts.

The Association Club fee is ($150) a year. Annual Individual Membership is ($30) for Kyu (colored) belts and $50 for Black Belts. Individual Memberships fees are included in monthly fees. Black Belts are expected to pay this fee.

How are funds over and above costs used?

A small amount of the monthly fees may be used for instructor expenses such as travel to Toronto to upgrade skills and for expenses to bring instructors from other areas for clinics and for rankings. Surplus funds will where needed be used to pay for equipment and other resources useful to teaching and learning.


What do my monthly dues pay for?

To minimize unexpected costs the Club applies dues collected to offset some of the following costs.

Individual Club

Itsou Kai Club fees: $150

Itsou Kai Individual membership Fee (card) $30

Itsou Kai Crest $20

Ontario Karate Association Club Fee $100

Ontario Association Individual Membership $30 (Insurance)

Ranking Subsidy (Under 18) Up to $40


Total $120 $250